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Preserving Live Oak Heritage

& Heirloom Acorns

We have partnered with local tree residencies to bring you the best live oak tree varietals that North Carolina has to offer.

Airlie Gardens "Old Girl"

"Old Girl" has been standing for almost 500 years, showcasing the most beautiful character and disposition. Her sprawling limbs and grandiose stature make her the most famous tree in Wilmington. Our acorns picked from this tree are definitely a customer favorite.

Airlie “Sister Oaks”

These famed sisters stand side by side and guard to the famous 500-year-old Airlie Gardens Southern Live Oak, "Old Girl." The sisters have stood for over 300 years and are indicative of the quality and pedigree of Airlie Gardens stock.

The entrance to the esteemed Hoggard High School, in Wilmington, is framed by some timeless Live Oaks that have brought joy to everyone walking on campus. They have been on the grounds for well over one-hundred years. For students, parents, and anyone else who has visited, planting a descendant of this tree will bring back Hoggard memories every time you see it.


Wrightsville Beach Loop

We collect acorns from the Wrightsville Beach Loop trees that stand proud and tall, neighboring the Wrightsville Beach Museum. For anyone wanting a tree that comes from a great structured parent that has stood the test of time through dozens of hurricanes and is very saltwater tolerant, a Wrightsville Loop offspring is for you. This variety is also synonymous with the Wrightsville Beach community; the history of the Dave Howard farm tells us the trees lining the loop also came from our farm 40 plus years ago.

Masonboro Baptist 

Most likely the oldest documented live oak in Wilmington. At over 700 years old, this Live Oak has a long and historical past going back to the beginning of when the area was first settled. You can find this spiritual tree off of Beasley Road, just behind Masonboro Baptist Church, watching over a cemetery with gravestones that date back 200 years.


The Willard tree is an exceptional assortment of Southern Live Oaks tied to Mr. Emerson Willard, a 99-year old Live Oak farmer who resides on Masonboro Sound. Mr. Willard's favorite tree is rumored to be 400 years old and is the parent of many trees purchased from him. After observing how well they grew, we decided to grow our remarkable second-generation collection. All of the Willard trees reside within 100 yards from Masonboro Sound. Hurricanes, high temperatures, and salt water are all part of Willard history.


This special variety has a sentimental story that is tied to what is now Penderlea Farms. Mr. Dave Howard used to own and manage the same land for over 50 years. For his nursery and farm, he searched and hand-collected thousands of native North Carolinian Live Oak specimens that he planted on the land. Mainly all of the 20 to 50-year-old historic Live Oaks you see lining the streets downtown Wilmington came from Dave's Farm - Burgaw Creek Nursery. The trees decorating the medium of the 17th Street extension between College and Independence are great examples of a Howard Live Oaks.

Fort Fisher 

Fort Fisher State Historic Site has some of the most unique and characteristic Live Oaks in the area. These are situated right on the Atlantic Ocean and have weathered hurricanes, salt-water flooding, and high winds. Their branches twist and turn, making this variety a favorite!

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